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Grant Perry is a seasoned media and communications consultant and executive,  lawyer, and journalist. Grant has extensive experience in marketing, public relations, and business development, and in creating and managing a variety of digital content ranging from mobile apps, social media, websites and webcasts to marketing collateral, written articles, multimedia presentations and video. He is a member of the Washington, DC Bar. Grant's law background adds another dimension to his communications work, enabling him to understand and anticipate legal issues that often are germane to healthcare communications.

Grant is the CEO of mPatient Solutions LLC, which has developed PatientPilot, a mobile app to help patients navigate the healthcare system.  ABC News Radio reports “PatientPilot is an app to save your life...a medical GPS.” MD Anderson Cancer Center recommends PatientPilot, saying it “can help you become an empowered patient. It's your mobile medical navigator, coaching you on your journey...”  



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